Headspace App Review, Free Meditation For Mindful You

Headspace App Review, Free Meditation For Mindful You

Headspace is a free meditation app. Aiming to improve your mind and life and reduce stress. Discover mindfulness for a better you. Read the full Headspace app review for details. If you are impatient this is the short version.

Conclusion. Headspace is the best meditation app. It offers more than guided meditation and mindfulness. It’s a handy, beautiful guide to a better self. It’s backed by science and years of experience. It just works.

If you want to know how and why it works delve in the app review. Continue reading…

Hope for Cancer Patients, Viruses Recruited as Killers of Tumors

avian flu virus

New York Times reports

It was not a coincidence. Common viruses sometimes attack tumor cells, researchers discovered. For decades, they tried to harness this phenomenon, to transform it into a cancer treatment. Now, after a long string of failures, they are nearing success with viruses engineered to kill cancer.

“It’s a very exciting time,” said Dr. Robert Martuza, chief neurosurgeon at the Massachusetts General Hospital and professor of neuroscience at Harvard Medical School. “I think it will work out in some tumor, with some virus.” Candidates are already in advanced trials, he noted.

According to the researchers, the side effects of treatment with these viruses are minimal, and include nausea, fatigue and aches. “In comparison to what happens with standard chemotherapy, flulike symptoms are very manageable,” said Dr. Reid, who has treated hundreds of patients with oncolytic viruses.

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Foursquare and 23andMe Can Save Your Life

Foursquare and 23andMe Can Save Your Life

Kevin Rose was almost right when said: “My Foursquare data will tell my life story”. The truth is, Foursquare will save Kevin’s life not just tell a story about it. Location based social networking websites are on the rage right now. Twitter is doing it, Gowalla is doing it, Google Buzz is doing it, Facebook is about to it. Continue reading…

Cancer Genome Project

It was about time to move forward on cancer thinking and research. The Cancer Genome Project looks quite promising. Hopefully the reboot in thinking of cancer cure will help fight other diseases too. Genomes, protein folding research and hordes of engineers, poets, mathematicians, developers etc start thinking about cancer. Watch this TED talk by David Agus. Cancer treatment might not be so far fetched after all.