Highlights of design work and design thinking. Ideas, concepts, interactive prototypes and public releases.

Beta release 2
Smart Drag and Drop prototype on MacBook Pro

Drag and Drop for the 21st century

A fresh approach on a familiar interface. A new design for power users and productivity. Drag and Drop how it’s supposed to be.

Learn more and explore the prototype.

PDF Preview Interface Design for Smallpdf

PDF Preview, a game changer

A world’s first, loved and used by millions of people around the globe. Real-time feedback, blazing fast UI and options to do even more. Outstanding business value added.

Have a look and learn more about this project.

Video call widgets prototype screen on MacBook Pro

Video call widgets

Claiming back focus and reducing fatigue during 1-1 video calls. Bending the status quo of digital productivity to match the focus of real world experiences.

Try this prototype with real-time feed from your computer’s camera.

sbb mobile app prototype by stefanos kofopoulos

SBB mobile app reimagined

Familiar yet new, the SBB mobile app (Swiss railways) rethought to be faster, easier and more useful. UX improvements across the board and solutions to add business value.

Read through this case study to learn more.

The Adaptive Dashboard Design Example

Dashboard designs

A detailed look on different dashboard designs and how they can make or break UX and business.

Read all about it here.

the monobllom mindful ux concept made in figma

Mindful micro-interactions and UX

Explorations in mindful UX for crucial flows and end-points like a checkout. Each moment is precious micro-interaction, including error states and blinking cursors.

See this mindful design in action.