Ego Came App for iPhone with Ego Beats

Have you heard of Ego Cam App?

A brand new Artificial Intelligence app for superior cinematic stabilization video on iPhone. It’s magical.

Friends call Ego Cam a “free gimbal for iPhone” for good reason. Selfie videos are always reliable and stable. Everything happens in real-time. Steady, smooth videos with your face centered. Solid results.  Continue reading…

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WordPress Gutenberg Design Facelift

I started using Gutenberg, the new editor for WordPress, and immediately fell in love with it. I believe that Gutenberg is the best thing happened to WordPress after Jetpack.

Gutenberg is the best thing happened to WordPress after Jetpack

While playing around with Gutenberg a few things didn’t click. I spent a few hours and the result is the mockup you see. It’s an idea to improve the familiar without changing to something new. It’s a different approach on the super hard work all everyone has done and will be doing so far. That’s it.  Continue reading…

Instant Articles Plugin for WordPress

WordPress Core DNS Prefetch And Our Instant Articles Plugin

I met Stanislav a little over a year ago in Stockholm. We met in Slussen and decided to go to Starbucks. Johan & Nyström would be a better choice for sure.

We spent almost two hours chatting about WordPress. That’s why we met after all. I had this idea about making WordPress better. Stanislav was eager to listen. I was eager to share my thoughts. Continue reading…

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Twitter’s Biggest Problem Lies In Every Tweet And You Hate It

Twitter was built 9 years ago. About a year later the hashtag was born. SMS was on the rage and 160 characters were all we had for the time being. Twitter’s 140 characters messages left enough space for ads to match the 160 characters of SMS.

This is before the rise of smartphones, wireless broadband and the popularity of photos and videos. Fast forward to 2015 and the state of Twitter today. Continue reading…

The Heartbreaking Truth Of The A.I World Today

The Heartbreaking Truth Of The A.I World Today

As much as we want to celebrate A.I today, the sad truth is that Artificial Intelligence is used for slave work. Not intelligence.

We design and operate so called intelligent programs to solve specific problems. We feed those programs with data to make them more efficient at the job. There is nothing intelligent about that. Continue reading…

Google RankBrain, IoT SEO & The Quantum A.I. Lab

Google RankBrain, IoT SEO & The Quantum A.I. Lab

Google RankBrain reveals the future of search and the death of SEO as we know it. The answer lies to Google Quantum A.I. Lab Team.

For Google to make sense of the world it needs to understand more of it. Search engines must go beyond mere keywords and related terms. The real world is a complicated place with way more data than text. Continue reading…

Headspace App Review, Free Meditation For Mindful You

Headspace App Review, Free Meditation For Mindful You

Headspace is a free meditation app. Aiming to improve your mind and life and reduce stress. Discover mindfulness for a better you. Read the full Headspace app review for details. If you are impatient this is the short version.

Conclusion. Headspace is the best meditation app. It offers more than guided meditation and mindfulness. It’s a handy, beautiful guide to a better self. It’s backed by science and years of experience. It just works.

If you want to know how and why it works delve in the app review. Continue reading…

4 Free Super Easy & Reliable WordPress Performance Plugins

4 Free Super Easy & Reliable WordPress Performance Plugins

The key to WordPress speed and performance is simplicity. Less plugins means more WordPress speed and performance. There is a good reason for that.

WordPress plugins are pieces of code outside the WordPress core. They exist in a parallel universe so to speak. For the plugins to be useful and functional they have to make a jump in the WordPress core world. Continue reading…

Workout hard, Work Long With Coenzyme Q10 - CoQ10 Supplement

Doctor’s Best Q10 – Coenzyme CoQ10 Review

Doctor’s Best Coenzyme Q10 or CoQ10 is an amazing supplement. It can help you better your best while training or working. I’ve been experimenting with Doctor’s Best Q10 for some time with great results.

As with all supplements, you can buy cheap ones or the best in the market. I’ve been using Doctor’s Best Purest CoQ10 Coenzyme Supplement – Pharmaceutical Grade. Continue reading…

framer js page components tutorial how-to

Framer JS Page Components Tutorial & How-To For Beginners

When Steve Jobs announced the iPhone in 2007 he wowed the crowd demoing scrolling. A simple gesture that felt magical back then. There is actually lots of physics and code behind scrolling and not so much magic. Today we take scrolling and swiping effects for granted. Like swiping left or right between screens to view more information. Continue reading…