Fictional Memoji Character

iOS 12 Memoji To Make Apple A Virtual Reality Platform

Memoji. Okay hold on for a moment. Before i get into it let me tell you I’m a sucker for performance and speed. iOS 12 delivers both. The engineering prowess that went into it is fantastic. Same hardware. Optimized software. Better user experience. Admit it. You love it too.

Performance boost today is one thing. Seeing the future is another. Apple revealed the future in a subtle Apple way. Again. If i could peak one thing from the iOS 12 release that would be Memoji. And tongue detection.

Memoji and Tongue detection on iOS 12 are very important

Memoji is the most exciting new feature of iOS 12. Yes. The personalized cartoon-ish characters are the future of Apple. The future of the whole world. Whether is going to be a great or ugly future… we will see.

What Apple is doing with Memoji is preparing for the virtual future. Virtual Reality is coming and Apple’s is getting ready for it. Augmented Reality is okay today. In the near future AR will be a sub feature of Virtual Reality.

You read that right. AR games and AR apps act as a bridge to VR. We are in the transition phase. Memoji brings us a step closer to mainstream Virtual Reality. A la Apple style. It happened with the iPod and the iPhone. It happened with the iPad and the Apple Watch. It’s happening with iPhone X.

In iOS 12 users can customize their Memoji. A single person can have multiple Memojis too. And that’s key. A billion or so users with customized virtual characters for fun. That’s the starting point. A billion users. Okay?

Memojis for Apple’s Virtual Reality Platform

Okay. What’s coming next is magical. Apple’s VR product will have a low barrier to entry. Very low. A billion users will jump right in to experience the virtual world. Starting on day one.

No need for setting up a virtual character. Or avatar. It’s been in your pocket the whole time. Chances are most people will have multiple Memojis. The same way it happens in real life. We have sports outfits, shirts, jeans, beachwear, nightwear and eyewear. We buy Halloween costumes. We do makeup. We die our hair. We trim our beards. You get it.

As in real life with real world IDs and photos, Memojis are linked to Apple and iCloud accounts. Authentication problem solved. Apple’s Virtual Reality product will be a platform from day one. VR will go from niche to mainstream in a day.

As Siri gets better it will become the underline power of Memojis. Virtual characters will look and act like the real person but in a virtual world. A quirky world but a world with rules. Rules to be followed or to be broken.

Are you getting it? Tongue detection on iOS 12 is a very important thing.

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