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Google Search AB Testing Designs for Cookies Consent on Mobile Devices

Google Search AB Testing Designs for Cookies Consent on Mobile Devices
Left (A): original design. Right (B): the new design. Google is famous for its data driven and AB test ethos....

Google RankBrain, IoT SEO & The Quantum A.I. Lab

Google RankBrain, IoT SEO & The Quantum A.I. Lab

Google RankBrain reveals the future of search and the death of SEO as we know it. The answer lies to Google Quantum A.I. Lab Team.

For Google to make sense of the world it needs to understand more of it. Search engines must go beyond mere keywords and related terms. The real world is a complicated place with way more data than text. (more…)

Google Project Glass Will Fail And You Already Know Why

top gun maverick

Google Project Glass will fail and the reason is you. That’s it. One simple reason, you!

At least in its current form, Project Glass is nothing more than an art experiment loaded with high tech and support from Google’s co-founder Sergey Brin.

UPDATE: It just happened. Google is killing Google Glass as we know it. Next step? My guess is that Google will take pieces of the technology and the Glass platform and apply it to other areas. Nest possibly. In enterprise and its own datacenters. Think Google Glass as Google Wave.

Don’t get me wrong. Project Glass is an amazing idea but the execution sucks. As an art projects Project Glass can do wonders. It’s great for video capturing and futuristic view of the days ahead, big data and everyone’s digital eg0 living on the web. Sure, that’s a great idea. (more…)

2 Reasons Why Google Tablet Store is the Nexus One All Over Again

PC Magazine claims A new store isn't going to solve the major problem with Android tablets, which is that they...

The Agnostic Platform: We’re Building Our Own God

Exciting times we live. The dawn of the 21st century tipped the point for cheap and reliable smartphone and tablet...

+1 feature Gmail is missing: scroll down to auto load more

There's one thing Gmail is missing at the moment, a killer feature that will transform the way people use Gmail...

Google Webmaster Central, verified but not preferred

google webmaster central

Unless i am missing something, i really wish i do, Google Webmaster Central error message doesn’t make any sense at all. Google Webmaster Central > Site Configuration > Settings > Preferred domain. Google is asking me to first verify the owner of the domain. I did. Then Google is asking me to verify the owner of the domain again. I did. Google lets me know that the domain is verified using two different methods but it wants me to verify the owner of the domain again and again. It just doesn’t work. Bug or what? (more…)

Google – Verizon deal is the new China

The proposed Google - Verizon deal about net neutrality will either be Google's new China mantra or a good reason...

Google Webmaster Tools Speed Demon And Why I’m An Angel

There’s a new cool feature in Google Webmaster Tools. Select your site and click on Labs > Site performance. “This page shows you performance statistics of your site. You can use this information to improve the speed of your site and create a faster experience for your users”. That said what you get is a performance graph overview along with page speed suggestions. This is all nice and cool stuff. I love it.

Using Google’s words, this is an example page from my site and some suggestions on how to optimize it:

Details: Save up to 13.6 KB, 8 requests, 5 DNS lookups and here’s the break down. (more…)

Marissa Mayer, Innovation at Google: The physics of data

For a clear view of the future just watch Marissa's Mayer PARC talk titled Innovation at Google: The physics of...