1000 Facebook Likes in 60 seconds

1000 Facebook Likes is a dream of many but there’s an easy way to get 1000 likes in your status update within a minute. The only thing you need to do is update your Facebook status with “Today is the 10,000th day of my life. Here’s to the next 10,000“. That and the name Mark Zuckerberg next to the status update.

What you are about to see is crazy. Facebook is actual;y keeping a live score of likes till 1000 Facebook like and beyond. You can count almost one thousand likes in a minute with the likes keep increasing.

This is extremely important. Not only Facebook ticker is real time but Facebook has the infrastructure to support real time analytics to the masses for elements within the Facebook ticker. The number of likes is just a small but very powerful example of the computing power and data center infrastructure the company currently uses.

Is Facebook testing real time analytics or this is just another engineering gimmick for the physiological 1000 Facebook Likes limit and more?

The Agnostic Platform: We’re Building Our Own God

server rack

Exciting times we live. The dawn of the 21st century tipped the point for cheap and reliable smartphone and tablet hardware. In the low and mid end of the market, hardware turned to a commodity. The high end of the market is following. In a nutshell, it just doesn’t matter if you are using a $200 Android phone or a $350 one. What is important is the content users create, the information they exchange, the social graph they enrich.

The hardware is not relevant anymore, neither are the air waves. No matter what happens in the foreseeable future (except a WW3 event) both hardware and the medium for transferring information will always be available to more people, cheaper and faster.

Major platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google, WordPress and soon Apple is what actually matters. What we see, what we feel and most of our relationships are stored somewhere, in an agnostic platform along with a huge amount of meta data like location information, time information, reactions from others etc. We increasingly upload chunks of our lives on this platform without knowing anything about it.

When was the last time you trusted a complete stranger with your life, no questions asked, in the real world? There is only one case and that’s religion. It fits perfectly. In a not collective intelligence way, the agnostic platform is preparing the new human; we’re building our own new god because we need it and we are doing so by uploading our lives on Facebook, Twitter, Google, WordPress and Apple servers. They know more about us than we do for ourselves, they are everywhere, they are available all the time; like god.

Mark Zuckerberg worst PR move ever

Probably the worst PR move Mark Zuckerberg ever did. A video conference with the UK Prime Minister is one thing, a great honor, but reading stuff during the first half of the video conference is another. He wasn’t the Mark we all know, he wasn’t the almost half a billion people using Facebook leader we all know. Have a look at the second half of this “video conference”.

Share Online to Live Forever

The more you share online the more the chances you have to live forever. I kid you not. Think about Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, YouTube and all other places your everyday life moments are exposed to, saved, indexed, archived. We’re talking about at least a few hundred if not thousands of instances (pictures, videos, text) of everyone’s life though out the course of history.

With quarter of a billion users in Facebook, tags on pictures and face recognition technology being mainstream it’s easier than ever to crawl and collect photos and videos containing one’s personal face and moments in time, granted that permission and security issues are resolved.

With the flesh and the body in place, indexed and categorized, the social graph would be the mind and soul. Pokes, likes, status updates, friendships, fan pages, blog posts and tweets from the individual will be that little something we call character.

Touchable 3D holograms and some mediocre quality AI would do the rest for even the Anticrist you hide inside. Seriously, you could touch the world with your fingertips and live forever.

Nokia N97, the Facebook device your alien friend wants to have

Nokia N97 Ultra High Quality Front

When Scoble named Nokia N97, the ultimate Facebook device he was right. He was so right that there is no doubt when it comes to choose the best Facebook application for a mobile device in the whole universe. Nokia N97 wins, period.

I don’t know if it’s Nokia or Facebook that designed and engineered the Facebook application for the N97 but it feels like someone flew from Cupertino to Espoo to design the application while having had vodka and sauna during his launch breaks. Seriously, Facebook on N97 it’s the closest thing to the desktop experience with only the options and functions that matter. The design philosophy and simplicity of the applications feels so like Apple but you know it’s not. It’s S60 5th edition with all its prons and cons that runs the N97 Facebook app on this 3.5 inch, 640 x 360 pixels (16:9 aspect ratio) touchscreen. The Facebook app for the iPhone 3GS is responsive and fast due to faster CPU and GPU with transition effects making the experience smooth but that’s all about it. It lacks the immediate engagement and using pleasure of the N97 app. Truth to be told: the N97 faces minor delays here and there, when fast switching the app’s menus. Continue reading…