Share Online to Live Forever

The more you share online the more the chances you have to live forever. I kid you not. Think about Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, YouTube and all other places your everyday life moments are exposed to, saved, indexed, archived. We’re talking about at least a few hundred if not thousands of instances (pictures, videos, text) of everyone’s life though out the course of history.

With quarter of a billion users in Facebook, tags on pictures and face recognition technology being mainstream it’s easier than ever to crawl and collect photos and videos containing one’s personal face and moments in time, granted that permission and security issues are resolved.

With the flesh and the body in place, indexed and categorized, the social graph would be the mind and soul. Pokes, likes, status updates, friendships, fan pages, blog posts and tweets from the individual will be that little something we call character.

Touchable 3D holograms and some mediocre quality AI would do the rest for even the Anticrist you hide inside. Seriously, you could touch the world with your fingertips and live forever.

2 comments on “Share Online to Live Forever”

  1. One lives forever, the instant one is able to influence (for better or worse – and let me say that the prior is the true accomplishment) the way of thinking or touch one individual’s heart – or those of millions- no difference there really.
    “One sweet moment”…

    This can only be achieved through personal interaction or Art.

    A facade (most case scenario, when it comes to your so called “character”) simply posing, poking, friend-making (LMAO), posting -ok, here things might prove to be a bit different – does not actually increase chances of living forever. Just exposing yourself, simply being out there? Kid not.

    It’s the little tingle, one or millions feel in their hearts or minds, caused by the actions of an intelligent and caring individual, that leads him straight to eternity.

    When it comes down to it, it’s the life you lead that defines who you truly are. And being true is what never fades away. So then you can have Forever.

    Freddie Mercury: “When I’m dead, I want to be remembered as a musician of some Worth and Substance”.

  2. It’s the perception of reality that matters. Art is all nice and good but i see no bones and flesh and neurons, moving, feeling or firing through art. Immortality through art is just a form (a romantic one) of defeating death in times where technology wasn’t advanced.

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