iPhone OS 3.0.1 SMS bug or feature?


When i receive SMS and the sender requires a reply using the same center, that is the same SMS center he/she used to sent the message, iPhone can’t reply which is equivalent with hitting the reply button on Symbian. This is cool and nice when the sender uses another telco. Symbian fails to reply to the message too but at least, Symbian lets me compose a new SMS and send it using the my phone’s center, thus my telco’s center number.

On iPhone OS 3.0.1 when trying to compose a new text message i get back to the original SMS thread which somehow retains all the attributes from thread, including the requirement for a reply using the sender’s center. Deleting the messages from the thread doesn’t solve the problem which leaves only one option: delete the whole thread. This is nice and cool if you play flirty and stuff with the blond you met 30min ago while commuting but losing all messages and the chat / thread from a person is unacceptable, to say the least.

As i’m knew to the iPhone 3GS world i can’t really tell if this really annoying behavior is due to an iPhone OS 3.0.1 SMS bug, Apple’s KISS design philosophy or myself being blinded because of the hot blond.

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