Nokia N97, the Facebook device your alien friend wants to have

Nokia N97 Ultra High Quality Front

When Scoble named Nokia N97, the ultimate Facebook device he was right. He was so right that there is no doubt when it comes to choose the best Facebook application for a mobile device in the whole universe. Nokia N97 wins, period.

I don’t know if it’s Nokia or Facebook that designed and engineered the Facebook application for the N97 but it feels like someone flew from Cupertino to Espoo to design the application while having had vodka and sauna during his launch breaks. Seriously, Facebook on N97 it’s the closest thing to the desktop experience with only the options and functions that matter. The design philosophy and simplicity of the applications feels so like Apple but you know it’s not. It’s S60 5th edition with all its prons and cons that runs the N97 Facebook app on this 3.5 inch, 640 x 360 pixels (16:9 aspect ratio) touchscreen. The Facebook app for the iPhone 3GS is responsive and fast due to faster CPU and GPU with transition effects making the experience smooth but that’s all about it. It lacks the immediate engagement and using pleasure of the N97 app. Truth to be told: the N97 faces minor delays here and there, when fast switching the app’s menus.

I can’t really tell if Nokia had in mind the N97 form factor for applications like Facebook but i can swear to all Gods in the known universe, that when the QWERTY is revealed and the screen is tilted, typing and controlling the Facebook app is only 2 thumbs away. The N97’s joypad form factor it really, really has an impact when it comes to using the Facebook app. If Nokia engineers add Facebook specific, customizable shortcuts to the camera and voice control buttons, even your 6 finger alien friend will want to use it.

Warning: Video will sound very Greek to you but that’s ok. It’s the N97 that matters. Watch out for the last 30 seconds.

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11 comments on “Nokia N97, the Facebook device your alien friend wants to have”

  1. Nice review of the application, but honestly I am a huge Nokia fan and I own a N97, and the facebook widget is not the application.
    No notification, only a part of the news appears, the widget crashes often.
    For me the RIM application for blackberry is way better.

  2. I agree, the widget is not as stable as the application. I had problems when even connected via WiFi and content online, Facebook widget was timing out or had “an error occured”. Unfortunately didn’t have the time and correct lighting conditions to make a pic of the application itself instead of the widget in the home screen.

  3. the Nokia N97 features a large 3.5 inch display with a resolution of 640 X 360 at 16.7 million colors. now that is an impressive video display capability isnt it?

  4. It is but not in every single use of the phone. ie the screen is not capacitive

  5. The phone really struggles with Facebook. Fairly often you have to restart the phone to use it and it does not allow uploading of photos. Instead you get a script error message. All round it is a disappointing device.

    1. The Facebook application has some issues which are mostly widget related but other than that, it’s pretty awesome i think. I never had to restart the N97 because of the Facebook app. I agree that N97 has some shortcoming but i wouldn’t call it a disappointing device

  6. the Nokia N97 is super cool and very stylish. i bought two N97s, one for me and one for my sister. you cant find a phone that is more stylish than N97

  7. i bought two units of Nokia N97 because i like the style of this phone and also its features. Best phone i have ever used.

  8. I love the look and feel of the Nokia N97. This is probably the best phone that i ever bought, the other best phone would be the iPhone.

  9. Good review. I’m sick of all the apple fanboys shoving their iphones in my face. Maybe this will shut them up 🙂

  10. I have a Nokia N97 phone which was working satisfactorily till recently, but since the last two months has developed a fault in the facebook application. The facebook site uploads into the “”feeds” mode and displays all the data in this mode , but when put into the “wall” mode. shows loading datafor a few seconds, and then displays ‘
    ” error in retrieving data” and displays nothing.
    What can i do to correct the problem?”

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