+1 feature Gmail is missing: scroll down to auto load more

gmail auto load new conversations mockup

There’s one thing Gmail is missing at the moment, a killer feature that will transform the way people use Gmail and interact with conversations in their inbox. I want Gmail to automatically load new conversations and emails when reaching the bottom of the page, instead of clicking on the previous and next buttons. It’s a simple feature saving time, clicks and make the whole experience more fluid. The same way Twitter loads new tweets and Facebook loads new posts on the wall.

Why is such a feature missing? I can only assume it’s not a Google thing to do or engineers are so hooked to previous and next buttons they don’t bother with anything else.

I’d love to see this feature in Gmail Labs as a new experiment. Don’t you?

WordPress to go back to search results, like Gmail does

left arrow

WordPress admin post search functionality can learn a thing or two from Gmail by adding a “Go back to search results” link. Until now, when searching for a WordPress post you click on Posts > Search Posts > Keyword(s) > Edit post > Update post > Done. That’s all nice and good when editing a single post, not multiple posts. In that case, sans the “Go back to search results” admins or editors have to repeat the aforementioned process time after time till they’re done with editing all posts. Adding a “Go back to search results” link in WordPress 3.x will be a life saver.