Satya Nadella, Microsoft’s New CEO is Shy and Humble

Satya Nadella Microsoft new CEO is shy and humble

Satya Nadella, Microsoft’s new CEO

Satya Nadella is Microsoft’s new CEO replacing Steve Ballmer effective immediately. Microsoft released a video introducing the new CEO in a very casual manner. Judging from Satya Nadella’s body language he’s a shy, humble guy, a bit stressed in front of the camera and his new role. Continue reading…

Sundar Pichai as Microsoft CEO: Google’s sad true or Redmond’s huge mistake?

sundar pichai as microsoft ceo rumors

Sundar Pichai

There’s this one thing bugging me about the whole Sundar Pichai rumor as the new Microsoft CEO. The guy is responsible for the present and the future of Android, Chrome and apps aka the future of Google as a company. Still the rumor mill has it that he’d be leaving behind the opportunity to change the world using Android and Chrome and willing to join Microsoft as its CEO in order to change the world using competitive, closed source, evil technology.

Sundar Pichai: Google’s harmony of mathematical precision or Microsoft’s escalating probability of disaster?

If this turns out to be true it will certainly mean two things: 1) Google is full of silos and politics preventing big shot executives like Pichai play their game 2) Microsoft will be risking too much hiring someone who wasn’t able to fight and voice his opinion publicly against the silos and politics.

There is always the chance that i might be wrong and the Sundar Pichai as Microsoft CEO rumors/leaks are just vaporware.

Carl Icahn won’t sleep unless Yahoo! and Microsoft become one


According to this story on Reuters, Yahoo! board member, Carl Icahn, wants the MicroYoo! deal to happen. Now, don’t call me an expert but Icahn took a place on Yahoo! board after Yahoo! published a long list of Icahn’s failed investing portfolio. Some sort of voodoo corporate stuff took place and Yahoo! reached an agreement with Icahn. Frankly speaking, it’s in the best interested of Icahn, who now owns 5.5% or more of Yahoo! shares, to see Microsoft taking over Yahoo!. After all, that was his role all about. The proxy fight, the shares buying, the settlement, the sit in the board, the new Yahoo! CEO placement and now the rumored deal, again.

Update: Yahoo! just announced on their Twitter account that Icahn is out of Yahoo! board of directors.

@yahoo Carl Icahn has resigned our Board, citing “Carol is doing a great job.” Said no longer necessary to have an activist on our BOD

You know about the Microsoft – Yahoo! Search deal already, right? Right!

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