boxConnect Connects Dropbox to Youtube And FTP

boxConnect is an amazing, free service. It connects your Dropbox files with YouTube or any FTP server for easy video and file uploads. Did i mention it’s also free?

Why boxConnect Is So Cool

I used boxConnect to transfer videos from Dropbox to YouTube. It worked like a charm. Removing the boxConnect description from the video description wasn’t an issue. The service is easy to use.

It acts as a middle man, transferring files between servers eg Dropbox and YouTube or any FTP server. You don’t pay for the bandwidth. You get the job done in seconds instead of hours. Even when you are on vacations or travelling and you have limited access to the internet.

boxConnect As A Business Tool Via FTP Server

Dropbox hosts videos but also any kind of other files. Large PDFs, specs sheets and documentation can transfer between Dropbox and FTP server with a couple of taps or clicks. Since Dropbox users can share folders, you don’t even need to upload stuff on Dropbox. Join a shared folder and start uploading to YouTube right away.

boxConnect For Design, Mockups, Startups The YouTube Way

A picture worths a thousand words but a video is the best way to show off mockup and design ideas. In a lively, almost real way. This is perfect for startups and designers who want to share ideas. A YouTuebe video is ideal for that. Works on all devices through the app or the web. Comes with description and comments. Can be private or public.

The only thing id’s like boxConnect to have is a simple, more flat, modern UI. That’s my only “complain” about this fantastic service. Give it a try. boxConnect

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