WordPress Instant Articles. Better User Experience And Speed

WordPress Instant Articles is a new WordPress plugin that goes beyond page caching and speed up techniques. We improve user experience and speed up WordPress with a simple and elegant solution.

WordPress Instant Articles Is Faster Than Fast With Page Pre-Render

Fast is never fast enough. That’s why WordPress Instant Articles goes beyond fast. We take WordPress page and database caching for granted and provide an extra layer of speed. WordPress Instant Articles does page pre-render.

The plugin hints the browser which pages to download and render in the background. When a visitor clicks on a link the page loads instantly. All the resources are already downloaded and pre-rendered in advanced. If the page is already cached the workload for the server is small.

WordPress Speed Is The Mean To Better User Experience

Our goal is not to speed up WordPress or optimize every aspect of it. We want to improve user experience. We want to offer visitor a better way to read and enjoy the web. WordPress Instant Articles improved speed is the mean, not the goal.

User Experience Beyond WordPress With DNS Prefetching

While all modern browsers offer DNS Prefetching, there is a way to hint them for specific domains. That’s what WordPress Instant Articles does with HTML5 DNS Prefetch. The browser knows exactly which domains to pre-resolve before a user clicks on a link. The result is less waiting for network operations and better experience for users.

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