The Selfie Stick Is Killing The Human Brain

The selfie stick is more than a tool for taking photos. It’s a personal statement. It’s a lifestyle choice. It signals individualism one picture at a time.

People no longer consume content on their smartphones. They feel compelled to create it. With a twist. They create content the way they consume it. Isolated. Alone.

The selfie stick doesn’t capture moments. It creates snapshots from a specific point of view. The narrative and context don’t matter. The need for self projection overshadows it.

Every selfie taken with a selfie stick looks the same. Like the stream of content we consume privately. Within our comfort zone. Whenever we want. However we want.

Human Brains Love Stories. Not The Selfie Sticks

People don’t feel compelled to tell a story. They want to create, share and get instant feedback on a snapshot of their lives.

The selfie stick doesn’t create narratives. It produces fragmented snapshots of individualism in hope for likes. There are no memories. No story telling. Only a burst of pixels the way we feel comfortable with it. Whenever we want. However we want.

Stories are important. The human brain loves a good story. It becomes more active when we tell a story.