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Symbiosis, The Reason For The Greek Crisis

greek crisis symbiosis

Scott Berkun is a man of many talents, plus a notebook. It’s only after i met Scott and his team that i discovered his writing skills and thought process. It’s usually the other way around. First you read the book and then you eagerly want to meet the writer.

Scott’s latest book, Mindfire, was the reason for thisinterview and among the questions one caught my attention.

Q: Do you think there is a cautionary tale in the rise of power of the project/program manager relative to Microsoft? How might you prevent that in other companies?

Think of Microsoft as a large organization not as a company. With 92.000 employees (not counting the contractors), Microsoft is an organization with 1/100 of the size of Greece. The analogy is pretty clear and Scott’s answer is the only one needed to understand the Greek crisis. (more…)

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The new Adidas football shirt for the Greek national football team competing in Euro 2012. Greece is All Proud again.

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Greece will fail miserably because it wants to

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