Greece will fail miserably because it wants to

No guts

You need to have guts and balls to run a country. Period. Unfortunately, the state is doing anything at its power to punish lawful citizens and praise everybody else. Try to raise a kid by yelling when he does great in school and congratulate him when he breaks a vase and you’ll create a selfish moronic monster in no time.

Extra taxes

Heavy taxes especially in electronics and telecommunications is a recipe for failure. 19% VAT accounts to almost 1/5 of the price. 23% VAT accounts to almost 1/4 of the price. This is all happening in 2010 the year no one can think life without e-retailers like, a tipping point in history where shopping decisions are made with a click and in between half a dollar price range.

Media and politics

Taxing media is making certain people feel uncomfortable. Collecting those taxes is about to make things ugly. To do so you need to have guts and balls but we already know the answer to that. What happens next is the introduction of new and stricter laws about those uncollected taxes which very conveniently turn into a media manipulation tool with a backdoor: upcoming elections and the need for public brainwash.


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