Nokia to disrupt the industry in 4 ways, change the world once again

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Nokia disrupted but it’s time for the Finns to disrupt others businesses as well. Here’s a humble list of 4 ideas Nokia can leverage for not only making more money but make more users happier.

Ovi Maps

Open Ovi Maps and release the API to the wild. Let developers play and integrate Ovi Maps everywhere, even out of the Symbian^3, MeeGo, Maemo ecosystem. Make it as fun, easy, silly, stupid and engaging as the other APIs out there, courtesy of Flickr, Google Maps etc. Unify the mobile and desktop experience and let people embed Ovi Maps in their blog posts and sites. Ovi Maps is brilliant, it’s accurate, it’s awesome even on a device like Nokia X6 which is more of a music device than anything else.

Other Ovi services

Remove the fat. Keep Ovi Mail for emerging markets, Ovi Maps for the whole world and that’s it. Either offer Ovi Music to every single country or kill it as well. Use 3rd party services not because they’re necessarily better or cooler but because they’ve been there before Ovi. YouTube, Flickr, Facebook, Twitter etc i’s where everyone hangs out. That’s one thing and searching, installing, using a 3rd party app on the Ovi Store it’s another.

Ovi Accessories

Or Nokia Accessories for every single Nokia phone out there. Sell license to 3rd parties to come up with whatever thy want for the hundreds of millions of Nokia devices out there. Throw in some beautiful Finn design and inspiring technology for high end user and enthusiasts / hackers. Create the Ovi Accessories ecosystem.


Disrupt in hardware. Finns proved they can do it with the N95, the N900 etc. Bring RFIDs and tie it with Nokia Money, improved CMOS and Carl Zeiss optics for HD 1080p single tap video uploads, micro location hardware (Ovi Accessories also) etc. Make devices available a week after they’re announced. Pimp up the specs with faster CPUs and more than 256MB of RAM.


2 comments on “Nokia to disrupt the industry in 4 ways, change the world once again”

  1. Like your ideas. With regards to Ovi, I think Nokia might be trying to build too much by themselves so get rid of the fat definitely. Secondly, there are very few mapping seevices out there that allow developers to play with them to their heart’s content. Nokia has a lot of potential in this space and could easily out do the other mobile players by opening up a little.

    Regarding the hardware, I’ve never quite understood the overly long marketing of them – wouldn’t it be better to put the money in the marketing once the phones are out? So definitely with you there.

    Oh, and I’m a recent iPhone switcher so apologies for typos. Why do I still rant about Nokia even though I really love my iPhone? Simply because I care – it’s a great company that is a little lost at the moment. That’s all.

  2. I’m an iPhone user myself but with a bunch of legacy Nokias with me and a X6. I love the company and i really want to see them coming back for two reasons:

    1. Nokia proved they can offer exceptional devices and amazing design
    2. Nokia can change, hugely improve the world again. They’ve been there, done that. It’s their DNA to do business and do good.

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