Accumulating non Greek habits and outsourcing my life, the laundry example

coin laundry

Unlike Dutch and most probably other northern Europeans and Silicon Valley residents, Greeks are more into owning than using stuff. We prefer buying a car or a house rather than leasing it. I don’t fully understand this kind of obsession but i speculate it’s associated with the nation’s recent history.

Fast forward a few hundred years. I recently moved to a new house which undoubtedly led to some important decisions. Laundry was one of them. In a nutshell i had to choose between following my DNA and breaking the tradition. Buy a new washing machine or find another way for keeping clean. I chose the latter.

Spending for a new, A+ energy class washing machine translates to €250 sans any maintenance, power, water and other bills. Outsourcing laundry is cheaper, faster and way more convenient.

Twice a month, the basket is full of dirty clothes, towels, sheets etc. This equals to 1 or 2 full 5 kg laundry cycles. Outsourcing laundry costs €9 a cycle including maintenance, power, cleaning powder and other bills which is now non of my business.

Let’s assume a 1.5 full 5kg laundry cycle every two weeks or 3 laundry cycles each month. This sums up to €27 a month, including all associated bills. Having said that, what i’m paying here is more than 9 months of outsourcing laundry. It’s 9 months of more hassle free life.

I know exactly when to drop and when to pick my laundry (service is available twice a day). I don’t have to worry for any of the associated costs including maintenance, power, water, cleaning powder, moving company (in case i move to a new place) or other bills. I couldn’t be more careless about weather conditions and air pollution. Heck, i can even have some of my stuff ironed for free and spend my time otherwise.

For all those Greeks thinking about cleaning powder quality and stuff, my answer is this: if i get a rash i can always sue them but i doubt that will be needed. For all those remaining Greeks worrying about fabric issues etc, my answer is this: these guys clean clothes for living, they know better but if you’re still in doubt, jeans can handle it, Threadless t-shirts definitely make it, IKEA and COCO-MAT (new cheap series) is your friend for sheets, towels and stuff.


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