Framer JS For Presenations: A Platform for Beyond Prototyping

You probably use Framer JS for prototyping apps and websites. Truly great design happens through prototyping. This is why Framer JS and Framer Studio were built for. Still, there is so much more one can do. Enter Framer JS for Presentations.

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Prototyping apps and websites with Framer JS is liberating but also “limiting”. What if Framer JS was a creative platform instead of a prototyping tool? What if you could tell a story like no one else can?

Forget about Powerpoint, Keynote and Prezi. You can create gorgeous presentations with Framer JS today. You can tell your story with beautiful animations and transitions like no one has ever seen before. It sounds like an overkill but it’s not.

Framer JS for Presentations

The recipe for success could be very simple. All you need is

  1. Your presentation
  2. Beautiful images from Pexels
  3. Framer JS for building the presentation
  4. Modules like TextLayer for Framer.js

Every presentation can be interesting for its respective audience. That’s one thing. Great presentations are something else. They are stories wrapped with beautiful images, great typography and gorgeous animations. Framer JS supports all the above. Plus, control on every single detail of your story.

Framer JS Presentation Example

I put together a few slides in this presentation as an example. My code is sloppy. I’m a newbie (but you already know that). Forget about that and see the big picture.

Custom animations and typography, precise timing, transitions, movement and effects. Available on every device with a browser.

Using modules could possibly make the whole process easier and faster. Drop in images, add text, adjust the animations, done.

Alternatively, all layers including text can be design in Sketch and imported. Framer JS and the CoffeeScript module will do the rest.