Best Fiends Review: 2015 Brings BO and 10 Ominous Ocean Levels

Best Fiends is a great game. An awesome game in fact.

Graphics are beautiful. The music is appropriate. The story unfolds in a beautiful way. I love it.

This is an addictive game. It’s easy to start playing. Maybe that’s why it’s so addictive. It gets more interesting and harder after a while. It comes with a great price. Best Fiends is free.

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Best Fiends Is Free And Offers In-Apps

This is a very well designed game. I love the 3D depth of the levels. The vertical orientation of the game play. The insanely great details on every screen. Brilliant work. Just brilliant.

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I can keep ranting about how great Best Fiends game is but i won’t.

I don’t want to spoil you the fun and joy of playing Best Fiends. Download it now. It’s free. Remember?

Instead i will focus on the annoyances of the game. Things i find confusing.

Best Fiends Game iPhone Screenshots

Some of the game fonts are small. Compared to the rest of the of the game aesthetic.

Some of the screens are too dark, too plain. Compared to the rest of rich and colorful design.

There is lots of text and reading involved in the game. Especially at the beginning. Too much to comprehend and remember. Compared to the dead easy and intuitive game play.

[pullquote align=”right”]The goal of Best Fiends is not as straight forward as the game play is[/pullquote]

In the latest version of Best Fiends the game is streamlined. The random pop ups for Facebook appear when they should. They add value to the moment and increase the excitement.

There is a new Best Fiend and his name is BO. Best Fiends 2015 come with new levels too. 10 Ominous Ocean levels available for free. The Gameplay is also improved. The Best Fiends Slugs perform better and you can help them even more.

Thankfully Best Fiends company, Seriously, worked and greatly improved the game in that area. As of this writing, Best Fiends is in version 1.2.

Seriously Best Fiends Is Awesome

All in all there are some small inconsistencies here and there. Don’t get me wrong. Best Fiends is a great game. It almost makes Angry Birds look out of date, maybe a bit boring too.

Best Fiends is a casual game with a twist. You start playing to fill up time. Then you realise that your brain works harder. On the way home or to work. Waiting your girlfriend or before going to bed. It clear that Seriously is aiming higher than a beautifully designed time waster. Best Fiends in 2015 is off a great start.

The game is constantly improving, adding clarity and removing lots of noise. It’s clearly on a path to becoming huge and worth the investment for hours of game play.

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