I am bionic. I am a cyborg.

It happened a few days ago. After two months of preparation. The operation took almost and hour to complete. When i left her office i wasn’t human anymore.

Bionic Tooth. Eating Will Be Fun Again

There is a small piece made of different alloys inside me. Inside my mouth. Inside my tooth. 75.1% Au (Gold), 12% Pd (Palladium), 10% Ag (Silver), 1.8% In (Indium), 1% Sn (Tin), <1% Ir (Iridium). Melted at 1290C or 2354F.This structural piece is going to be the base for a tooth crown. The shield to the now bionic tooth i have. No one will ever notice. Except me, myself and i. My cyborg self.Eating will be fun again. As it should be. I will be healthier too because i am now able to chew food properly. Break it down to smaller pieces and digest it better.A healthier brain and body. Despite the fact that now my body is bionic. My brain is already hooked on the machine, the network and my iPhone. My cyborg brain. What a tasty irony this is.

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