Human No More. Cyborg Bionic Geek With Indium, Iridium, Palladium and Gold

I am bionic. I am a cyborg.

It happened a few days ago. After two months of preparation. The operation took almost and hour to complete. When i left her office i wasn’t human anymore.

Bionic Tooth. Eating Will Be Fun Again

There is a small piece made of different alloys inside me. Inside my mouth. Inside my tooth. 75.1% Au (Gold), 12% Pd (Palladium), 10% Ag (Silver), 1.8% In (Indium), 1% Sn (Tin), <1% Ir (Iridium). Melted at 1290C or 2354F. This structural piece is going to be the base for a tooth crown. The shield to the now bionic tooth i have. No one will ever notice. Except me, myself and i. My cyborg self. Eating will be fun again. As it should be. I will be healthier too because i am now able to chew food properly. Break it down to smaller pieces and digest it better. A healthier brain and body. Despite the fact that now my body is bionic. My brain is already hooked on the machine, the network and my iPhone. My cyborg brain. What a tasty irony this is.