Processed Foods and Groceries, Eat Healthy and Spend Wisely

usa breakdown money spent groceries Processed Foods

Processed Foods is the new cancer, seriously. The amount of ready to eat, stay in shelf for months but still looking great kind of food is insane. Bu processed foods make sense. They taste great and they are always available to eat. They can be bought in great quantities and preserved for long time. They vary from a snack to a full meal and something in between and they can also be labeled deli.

NPR has this great story about What America Spends On Groceries 1982 – 2012. Back in 1982 Americans spent 11.6% of their groceries money on processed foods and sweets. Fast forward 20 years and Americans spend 22.9% of their groceries money on processed foods and sweets. This is insane.

Almost 1/4 of the money spent on groceries goes on processed foods and sweets, one of the cause of obesity and diabetes in best case scenarios. I get it, processed foods are full of sugars, salt and trans fat which tastes great. They are easy to get, cheap to buy, convenient to carry but it’s still processed shit food.

Try to avoid or reduce the amount of processed foods and sweets

Stuff like soft drinks, frozen dinners and energy bars. Also stay away from canned vegetables, cake mixes and cookies. You don’t want to base your diet on processed meat, not even on packaged baked goods.