Ovi Maps Feedback v1.0

ovi maps running on n97 mini

Ovi Maps in offline mode is probably the best thing you can get when in the middle of an area where signal bars are nowhere to be seen. The accuracy of the GPS, at least on my Nokia X6, when using Ovi Maps’ navigation mode is more than outstanding. I love Google Maps on the iPhone but i think i’m falling in love with Ovi Maps on my X6.

Running the latest version of Ovi Maps 3.04 on the latest X6 firmware 21.0.004 is great but leaves room for improvement. Here’s a wish list for the Ovi Maps engineering team:

1. Make the position dot in the map smaller, maybe the same size of the dot found in the left upper corner button (those two dots must have the same size anyway or else different functionality is implied) or at least change the dot’s size accordingly when zooming in and out

2. Update new position faster in cases when the phone is just unlocked

3. When searching create a drop down menu and show the last 3-5 search keyword used, offer the option for a new search right after the recent search list

4. Enable touch events on navigation. For instance tap once to get voice info about the destination (time and distance remaining etc), double tap to change between night and day mode etc


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