Marissa Mayer Gets Nervous Describing Yahoo! Strategy At Davos Interview

Marissa Mayer interview at Davos is a very interesting one. The CEO of Yahoo! talked about the future of technology, the paradigm shift to mobile and how Yahoo! is going to make money. During the half hour interview, Mayer appears confident, eager to answer any question. She’s passionate about technology and Yahoo!. She definitely knows what it is going on in Yahoo!. Her body language reflects that.

The only notable exception is when Marissa talks about Yahoo’s strategy. Her body language changes dramatically. It almost feels like she’s nervous. Notice her right leg. She’s constantly air kicking while talking about Yahoo! future and how the company will make money. It start’s around 03.15 and ends at around 03.55. For the rest of the interview, Marissa Mayer’s body language follows the exact same pattern: nearly still, powerful, cute.

Marissa Mayer GIF during Davos interview

Yahoo CEO Marrisa Mayer Nervous Davos interview 2012

Don’t get me wrong. This of course might be a coincidence. Mayer is incredibly smart. As the CEO of Yahoo! she’s probably media trained.