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her majesty queen elisabeth of england

We get tons of emails and comments over at every day. Lots of spam, a handful of friendly messages, product and services pitches, PR material, feedback and of haters’ email. We ignore all the stupid stuff and answer to every single email (sorry for the delay guys) even to the ones we don’t agree with. Here’s a comment we received today on a blog post about Hadoop:

What is it with you Greeks about not wanting to share with one another?

Although i don’t get how Hadoop is related to the topic this fine gentleman is bring up, for the last couple of years i’m wondering the same.

and as i noticed how stingy you are with your tweets only, following only 5, F %$#* sakes!!! Who do you think you are the queen of England??

We made decision with @pestaola twitter account to used it as broadcast mechanism with limited feedback and reporting functionality. I follow more than 1200 people on my personal twitter account @titanas.

Thats why Greece does not move forward, everybody is so selfish thinking they know “alot” and no willing to share with their fellow neighbor, and in that circle of sharing info, you going to learn. sh*t!!!!!!

There are quite a few examples i can come up with and prove you wrong. I’ve been actively helping the WordPress community (and not only) for years. Because of me people learned how to install plugins, people are making tens of thousands of dollars a month, people are paying attention to what duplicate content is, people started blogging, companies changed they’re PR and social media strategies etc. There’s a shit load of emails in my Gmail inbox to prove every single claim in this paragraph. I take pride in my contribution to the community, the same way others did to help me get started, move on and stand here.

And stick to what you learnt last year. Im telling you this stefanos as you seem to be a pioneer in the social IT community of greece.

Last year and this year i learned not to accept compliments from trolls like you; individuals who are willing to trash and are disconnected from reality big time.

You should be setting an example to you fellow social IT community. but you dont and shame on you!!!

I’m attached to the social IT community more than you can imagine and as much i can be of a help.

Yes dont get all defensive about it, instead take this message to heart, and learn from it. like very other bad comment.

You need to learn how to distinguish constrictive criticism from trolling

the email is fake so dont go bothering social guru ok.

No worries, it’s always fun to read comments from anonymous cowards

For those wondering, there is a pattern for this kind of behavior. Rather than trashing this fine gentleman had the option to email us and express his concerns. Instead he choose to say whatever he thought he had to say on an off topic comment, in a random blog post. There’s a disconnection from reality as sever as this example: You just got back home cheerfully saying announcing your arrival by saying, “Hey honey, i’m home” only to witness your loved one start yelling at you because of last week’s evening you spent with your buddies watching football. It’s out of context, it doesn’t make sense, it helps no one.

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