Greek to Finn

So far, this is the farthest i’ve gone to understand a culture. Been Greek i’m used to warm weather, not snow neither frozen cold waters. Not to mention sauna of course. Dipping to literally frozen water (there was a thin icy crust on the surface) right after i walked out the 80C Finnish sauna was quite an experience; which i myself denied 45min earlier when i was shown around the spa facilities. Don’t expect me to tell you how it feels, i’m not going to spoil the experience. If you’re not a Finn, rest assured it’s a unique one.

Excuse my F bombs. Special thanks to Claire.

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  1. Cool! 🙂

    Now you aren’t too far to understand the Russians as well. Just need to drink plenty of vodka before, during, and after. If you survive, you’ll be like half-Russian. 🙂

  2. We Greeks are totally crazy. We know and we love it!

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