Financial crisis: 10 signs to watch before the economy crashes

Financial crisis: 10 signs to watch before economy crashes

Even mere mortals can recognize the 10 early signs of the financial crisis, right before the big economy crash. It takes 5 to 3 years from blooming to dooming and the financial meltdown. In the beginning everything is beautiful, smooth and shiny. As time flies pretty much everything turns out to be the clusterfuck we call financial crisis and economy crash.

These are 10 signs to watch pre financial crisis in no particular order

1. New banks appear out of nowhere
2. Existing banks open new stores like crazy
3. Banks literally beg you to get their money
4. New strip clubs are all over the place
5. Betting, lottery, monitor and number games in the wild
6. Retail stores literally give away their stuff with first payment due to 12 months
7. Retail stores offer almost unlimited opportunities to pay back the bill due to 100 years
8. Telcos create way too many mind boggling products, offer unlimited choices
9. Car companies and leasing companies literally give away cars even super expensive SUVs
10. All of a sudden, “amateur” porn becomes mainstream

Bonus: TV stations rely heavily on reality shows, repetition of older shows, gossip shows

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