6 Pack Abs or 4 Pack Abs In 2 Weeks With 2 Exercises

Get your 6 pack abs or 4 pack abs without any exercise. Diet is important. I’ll cover that part separately. Let’s focus on the 6 pack abs. Cardio workouts help. Balanced diet too.

Truths & Myths About 6 Pack Abs – Tvättbräda

In The 4-Hour Body, Tim Ferriss provides a table comparing ab activation measure using EMG or electromyography. The traditional crunch is given a value of 100%. Here’s the Top 5 of ab exercises:

  1. Bicycle crunch 248%
  2. Captain’s chair 212%
  3. Exercise ball 139%
  4. Vertical leg crunch 129%
  5. Torso track 127%

Numbers may vary from person to person. It is now clear which abs exercises are the most effective. Bicycle crunches and captain’s chair stimulate more than two times the same ab muscles. Compared to the regular crunches thats is.

Save Time And Train Smart

Instead of focusing on all sorts of different crunches choose bicycle crunch or captain’s chair. You are set. Your abs will get stronger. You will get six-packs abs or 4-pack abs faster. It saves a considerable amount of effort, sweat and time.

Spending the same amount of time, doing the same number of crunches. You get a double abs workout. After a week you can look yourself in the mirror and see something is changing. Compare that with regular crunches and high five yourself for today’s ego boost and good exercises.

  • Focus on exercises that matter
  • Spend 2 seconds for every rep
  • Focus on movement and posture

The 2 Exercises You Need For Fast 6 Pack Abs or 4 Pack Abs

Get Lean And Lose Fat Faster, The 6-Pack Abs Way

Getting bigger muscles and abs is one thing. Showing off your abs is another. You need to lose fat. Belly fat. If you don’t like cardio, walk. Yes you read that right. Walk three time a week for 30-60 minutes. Brisk walk. If you have access to sauna go for it. Three times a week for 15-25 minutes.

As you workout your ab muscles will get bigger and stronger. Your BMR or Basal Metabolic Rate will increase. That means that you will burn more calories to sustain the bigger ab muscles. Without any extra effort. Just being you.

More calories burnt every day add up to enough extra calories burnt every week. Without extra sweating. Without changing your diet. Just exercising your abs with bicycle crunch or captain’s chair. You will get close to your dream 6 pack abs / tvättbräda or 4 pack abs in no time.

  • Do cardio or walk
  • Do sauna for passively burn more calories
  • Reduce alcohol and sugar from processed food