The 30 Minute Female Orgasm at the Gym

female crunches smiling

Female orgasm at the gym. You read that right. Ladies, you want to have an orgasm? Make sure you go to the gym and don’t just work out your boody but do the crunches. Get into a 30 minutes crunches set for a 30 minutes orgasm till you drop. That was it. Crunches equals orgasms. Just hit the gym and get wet (no pun intended).

Female Orgasm and Work Outs

“Women may not need a guy, a vibrator, or any other direct sexual stimulation to have an orgasm, finds a new study on exercise-induced orgasms and sexual pleasure. Orgasms tended to occur after multiple sets of crunches or some other abdominal exercise rather than after just a couple repetitions. Exercise-induced orgasms may be one way for scientists, and women themselves, to learn about the process of orgasm”.

You now know why SHE is smiling while YOU suffer when doing crunches.

If you want to read the whole story on female orgasm at the gym follow the link for the article about Debby Herbenick’s research, co-director of the Center for Sexual Health Promotion at Indiana University.

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