3 Running Secrets & Tips No One Told You: Shoes, Socks, Laces

Running is a wonderful thing. Anyone can run anywhere. You only need one thing. The mindset to get out and run. Just run.

If you are new to running and you want to buy your first running gear or you just want to replace your old running shoes and start all over again, make yourself a favor and think different. Forget anything you know and heard about running and focus on the basics. Just follow these 3 simple running tips. That’s it.

This is the best, cheapest and fastest way to minimize the risk of injuries and get you out running like a pro in no time. I’ve been there and done all things wrong so you won’t. Just reconsider your running strategy and follow these 3 simple running tips.

Running Tips No1: Stop Looking For The Perfect Running Shoes

There is no such thing as the best running shoes. Instead what you can actually find and buy is a pair of running shoes that fits you the best and supports your running style best. Unfortunately this is a trial and error procedure which takes lot of time, money and energy. It will finally pay off and you can always get lucky with the first pair of running shoes you buy.

Ask your friends for their favorite pair of running shoes and figure out why they love them so much. Try to avoid the latest and greatest in running shoes technology and talk to a couple of different sales reps or your local foot specialist asking for classic running shoes that generally perform well and fit your running style. Avoid buying running shoes with kool-aid marketing claims about revolutionizing running even if they come from a respectable company.

Running Tips No2: Running Socks Are As Important As Running Shoes

There is one thing and one thing only between your feet and the sole of your favorite pair of running shoes. You guessed it right, it’s the socks. A good pair of socks will protect the feet from friction, callus, foot ulcers and blisters, it will keep your feet properly ventilated and possibly support proper blood flow. Finding the best fitting pair of running socks is again a trial and error thing but with significantly reduced cost.

Just go out and buy whatever pair or running socks looks interesting and feels good in your hands. You will get a similar feeling in your feet. Make sure the socks are as seamless as possible and are manufactured with a combination of cotton, lycra and other fabrics for improved support, sweat expel and hygiene.

Running Tips No3: Tighten Up Or Loose Your Running Shoes Laces

Wearing the best fitting pair of running socks and running shoes is great. Adjusting the laces of your running shoes properly makes running awesome. When running feet get swollen and need a tiny bit of extra space within the shoes. Lacing your running shoes too tight and you will feel the pain within 15 minutes. Lace your running shoes too loose and you will miss all of the support the shoes have to offer.

Go for a 15-20 minute run or a 45 minute brisk, long walk and pay attention how your feet feel. Does your shoes feel too tight or too loose? Adjust the lacing properly and try to run / walk again. You will feel the difference immediately as blood circulation will improve in your feet when you loosen up the laces or your feet will feel rigid and one with the shoes when tightening up the laces. In case of knee or back pain due to poor support from the shoes, make sure you adjust the laces, rest and run again the next day.