Twitter grows 5 million tweets in just 2 months

photo by Lou O' Bedlam on Flickr

It’s been only two months since Twitter came public about the volume of the tweets they deliver every day. Back then that number was 50 million tweets a day. Fast forward 8 weeks and that number grew up to 55 million tweets a day. Announced at Chirp, among other things, Twitter growth is phenomenal. That’s why the company is working on moving to its own data center.

55 million tweets a day is like every single Greek tweeting once a day, including the homeless and ones without access to the internet at all. If you were Finn (Finland is the home of Nokia and 39% global market share) you’d have to tweet at least 10 time a day to come up with 55 million tweets a day.

Twitter will grow exponentially along with more capable smartphones hitting the market and services like Google Search enabling access to Twitter’s archive. Add geo location services and the whole mash up idea of everything being connected with everything (Foursquare with Twitter, Facebook with Twitter etc) and you’ll soon be witnessing the real time revolution before the end of 2010.

Twitter (and Facebook later on) will leads to the need of effective, non fault positive filter and algorithmic tools for sorting out noise and the birth of the first software agents living in the cloud and within your pocket.

[photo by Lou O’ Bedlam]