Satya Nadella, Microsoft’s New CEO is Shy and Humble

Satya Nadella Microsoft new CEO is shy and humble

Satya Nadella, Microsoft’s new CEO

Satya Nadella is Microsoft’s new CEO replacing Steve Ballmer effective immediately. Microsoft released a video introducing the new CEO in a very casual manner. Judging from Satya Nadella’s body language he’s a shy, humble guy, a bit stressed in front of the camera and his new role. Continue reading…

Elon Musk’s Dream Coming True, Space X Cruise Ship Is Doable

Elon Musk Space X Cruise Ship

Rendering of a cruise ship in space

Fast forward this to the Elon Musk deam era. If we humans can built cruise ships like Balmoral, modify them and put them back to service, we can certainly build space cruise ships, space stations and colonies on Mars tomorrow. It will take time but it’s certainly doable with today’s technology. Virgin Galactic can play a role too. Continue reading…

Sundar Pichai as Microsoft CEO: Google’s sad true or Redmond’s huge mistake?

sundar pichai as microsoft ceo rumors

Sundar Pichai

There’s this one thing bugging me about the whole Sundar Pichai rumor as the new Microsoft CEO. The guy is responsible for the present and the future of Android, Chrome and apps aka the future of Google as a company. Still the rumor mill has it that he’d be leaving behind the opportunity to change the world using Android and Chrome and willing to join Microsoft as its CEO in order to change the world using competitive, closed source, evil technology.

Sundar Pichai: Google’s harmony of mathematical precision or Microsoft’s escalating probability of disaster?

If this turns out to be true it will certainly mean two things: 1) Google is full of silos and politics preventing big shot executives like Pichai play their game 2) Microsoft will be risking too much hiring someone who wasn’t able to fight and voice his opinion publicly against the silos and politics.

There is always the chance that i might be wrong and the Sundar Pichai as Microsoft CEO rumors/leaks are just vaporware.

5 WordPress Performance Plugins, SpeedUp & Optimize Your Site

5 WordPress Performance Plugins, SpeedUp & Optimize Your Site

WordPress is fast but it can be a lot faster with easy optimization.Here’s a list of 5 WordPress Performance Plugins you can download and install right away. Each one is designed to be used with no coding experience at all, expect for a casual copy & paste of code snippet following instructions. Continue reading…

The Startup Myth Of Overnight Success. 12 Companies It Took Years To Succeed

The Startup Myth Of Overnight Success. 12 Companies It Took Years To Succeed

Startup overnight success is a myth easily talked and considered reality these days. The myth goes like this. You have an idea, you build a product and you get super rich right away. Founders of tech startups are big believers of the myth. Tech press and tech conferences love to reproduce the story.

With billions of cash on the side, companies like Apple, Google, Facebook and others could potentially buy any startup. Every tech founder hopes his/her company will get acquired. Continue reading…