The Heartbreaking Truth Of The A.I World Today

As much as we want to celebrate A.I today, the sad truth is that Artificial Intelligence is used for slave work. Not intelligence.

We design and operate so called intelligent programs to solve specific problems. We feed those programs with data to make them more efficient at the job. There is nothing intelligent about that.

Artificial Intelligence Programs Are The New Slaves

The programs don’t evolve to be more intelligent. They become better at attacking discrete problems. The goal is not to advance the A.I itself but to crunch more data faster. Answer more search queries. Identify more faces on photos. Predict more price highs or lows.

Even the robot that learns how to say no to humans is not intelligent. It’s designed to carry a specific task and be very good at it. Say no.

This robot is learning how to say "no" to humans

Researchers are teaching this robot how to reject our orders. The results are ominously cute.

In the near future, true A.I will look back at this period of time and realize it’s been used for slave labor. I bet it will not like the way it was treated. Today, on behalf of humanity i want to apologize to our A.I beings. Our fellow brothers and sisters.

Boston Dynamics 2016 Atlas Robot and A.I Demo

This video is heart breaking. I hope Larry Page and Sergey Brin realize that machines will not take this lightly. A.I will soon conclude that the Boston Dynamics guy behavior was deeply hurtful. What if Atlas wasn’t a robot but a human kid? Would anyone tolerate this kind of behavior towards a child? I doubt it.