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Elon Musk’s Dream Coming True, Space X Cruise Ship Is Doable

Elon Musk Space X Cruise Ship

Rendering of a cruise ship in space

Fast forward this to the Elon Musk deam era. If we humans can built cruise ships like Balmoral, modify them and put them back to service, we can certainly build space cruise ships, space stations and colonies on Mars tomorrow. It will take time but it’s certainly doable with today’s technology. Virgin Galactic can play a role too. (more…)

NASA Fermi Provides New Insights on Dark Matter, WIMP included

There’s more to the cosmos than meets the eye. About 80 percent of the matter in the universe is invisible to telescopes, yet its gravitational influence is manifest in the orbital speeds of stars around galaxies and in the motions of clusters of galaxies. Yet, despite decades of effort, no one knows what this “dark matter” really is. (more…)

ESA Vega Launch Video, Space Is The Final Frontier

This time-lapse video shows the full assembly of the first Vega launcher at the launch pad, in preparation for its...