Offline as it happens in Fishing with Nokia N900 and a comet

The smartphone is more than a phone, it’s a digital projection of our yet to be discovered digital ego. Devices like the Nokia N900 might look like useless to the majority of fishermen but are way too important for everyone, fishermen included. The fine line between online and offline is already blurry but it’s still there. If you want to jump on the always online-i make all decisions on my own-and accept full responsibility, now it’s the time. The boat will still be small or big enough to accommodate our bodies but the real question is where our egos will rest, on the boat or inside a mobile device with the speed of a comet?

Nokia N900 goes 3D all the way

The video is living proof of Nokia N900 3D capabilities using hardware acceleration. Combine that with TV out and the build in accelerometer and you’ll get a new type of gaming machine for those white collars want a break in the office. The game uses Donkey Kong kind of graphics but that’s not important at all. What really matters is the combination of really cool 3D graphics with 3G/HSDPA/WiFi/Bluetooth/GPS and more stuff.

The N900 is the new N95 in every single way. Keep that in mind for accessories and hacks popping up in the next few months.