Workout hard, Work Long With Coenzyme Q10 - CoQ10 Supplement

Doctor’s Best Q10 – Coenzyme CoQ10 Review

Doctor’s Best Coenzyme Q10 or CoQ10 is an amazing supplement. It can help you better your best while training or working. I’ve been experimenting with Doctor’s Best Q10 for some time with great results.

As with all supplements, you can buy cheap ones or the best in the market. I’ve been using Doctor’s Best Purest CoQ10 Coenzyme Supplement – Pharmaceutical Grade. Continue reading…

framer js page components tutorial how-to

Framer JS Page Components Tutorial & How-To For Beginners

When Steve Jobs announced the iPhone in 2007 he wowed the crowd demoing scrolling. A simple gesture that felt magical back then. There is actually lots of physics and code behind scrolling and not so much magic. Today we take scrolling and swiping effects for granted. Like swiping left or right between screens to view more information. Continue reading…

Framer JS Basics, Tutorial And Examples For Beginners

Framer JS Basics, Tutorial And Examples For Beginners

I’m not a developer. I’m a maker. I don’t code. I built stuff. I love making things happen and learn through the process.

I decided that learning how to code will help me get smarter [1] and express my creative side. After 3 fairly popular apps [2] Framer JS seemed the perfect fit.

The first time i learned about Framer JS was through this video. Continue reading…

The Selfie Stick Is Killing The Human Brain

The Selfie Stick Is Killing The Human Brain

The selfie stick is more than a tool for taking photos. It’s a personal statement. It’s a lifestyle choice. It signals individualism one picture at a time.

People no longer consume content on their smartphones. They feel compelled to create it. With a twist. They create content the way they consume it. Isolated. Alone. Continue reading…

How iPad Sales Can Increase Again

How Apple Can Reverse iPad Sales Decline

iPad sales decline but Apple’s latest commercial touts that “Everything Changes with iPad”. iPad is a magical device but its magic is almost neglected on purpose.

iPad sales decline because of iPad’s screen size, lack of real iPad apps and connectivity. The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus might cannibalise iPad sales but that’s not the real problem. Continue reading…

Home no more

Home No More

I thought i was a nice person. Until today. The amount of empathy i thought i had isn’t there anymore. The understanding has vanished. All these years i have fooled myself. I was wrong. I am not a nice person.

Today I received a text message. Someone broke into my apartment. The place was a mess. Pretty much everything i had it’s not there any more. Clothes, shoes, laptops, money et al are all gone. Continue reading…

Exclude WordPress Admin Traffic From Google Analytics

Exclude WordPress Admin Traffic From Google Analytics

Google Analytics measures all WordPress traffic. Coming from real visitors, bots or admins and editors. It’s all traffic for Google Analytics. Even when previewing a post. This behavior is normal. It’s what Google Analytics should do. Track all traffic and stats when the Google Analytics code loads. Continue reading…