iOS Developer 101, Start Developing iOS Apps Today

ios development 101

If you want to learn how to start developing iOS apps today, Apple has your developer ass covered. The new iOS Developer 101 page provides all the the essential information for new developers.

Creating iOS apps is fun and rewarding, and if you’re a new iOS Developer you might be wondering where to begin. This road map provides the perfect starting point for iOS app development. On your Mac computer, you can create iOS apps that run on iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch. Follow this road map to learn where to get the tools you need, understand the major concepts and best practices, and see where to find more information.

As you proceed through the road map, you will use Xcode and the iOS SDK, Apple’s tools for app development. As an iOS Developer you will learn the basics of programming with Objective-C, the language that powers all iOS apps and frameworks, and will explore the Cocoa Touch frameworks. You will create a simple iOS app and learn how to test it on a device. Finally, you will learn how to submit an app to the App Store.

Each page in the road map introduces a new topic and links to one or more short articles about that topic. The road map provides you with a breadth of knowledge to get you started, and the last page, Where to Go from Here, includes links to documents you should read next. After you finish the road map, you will be prepared to delve deeper into any individual topic as an iOS Developer. You’ll have the knowledge, tools, and skills to start developing iOS apps!

HP Color Infographic Generator, Why Color is Important

The HP Color Infographic Generator is nothing more than a marketing tool for both HP and LinkedIn with some interesting stats thrown in the video. As part of the Think Colorfully. Think HP. Color campaign, HP created an infographic generator to provide small to medium sized businesses with a colorful printout to give their companies added impact.

Greece From The Air Video

Greece From The Air. A breathtakingly beautiful virtual tour shot in high definition from a helicopter mounted camera. Lifting off from Athens, you embark on a modern odyssey as varied and dramatic as Greek history, exploring exotic islands scattered like stones in the brilliant blue Aegean, ancient ruins, verdant hills, rocky coastlines, and timeless traditions.

Producer: Stavros Niarchos, 2003
Executive Producer: Roy Hammond
Producer, Writer, Editor: Sam Toperoff
Producer, Aerial Director: Duby Tall
Wescam Technician and Operator: Grant Bieman
Helicopter Pilot: Stelios Bounas (85 hours flight over the Greece)

Wake Up, Skip Those 5 More Minutes of Sleep

5 more minutes of sleep

Waking up in the morning is a difficult task for some people. The night owls know exactly what i mean. Unhappy and depressed friends understand too. No matter what the situation is, don’t make the mistake of spending few more minutes in bed. Try not to get another 5 more minutes of sleep. Wake up right away or sleep for another 5 hours. Don’t just steal those 5 minutes from something else.

If you manage to get out of bed do 10 push ups. Don’t pee, don’t brush your teeth, don’t drink coffee. Just do 10 push ups before anything else in the morning.

If you excused yourself for those 5 more minutes of sleep, try to make it through the day. Be miserable and cranky and wait till next morning to try the push ups treat.

If you still don’t get it, it’s simple. You need to stimulate your mind of doing something out of the ordinary using by shocking your body with push ups. Although your fitness will improve by those 10 morning push ups, the goal is mental.

Do the push ups or sleep for the next 5 hours. Just don’t do the extra 5 more minutes of sleep.

Intro Free Font

Intro free font

What distinguishes the new Intro free font from FontFabric is the strongly expressed geometric makeup and structure.
The basic letters of the Alphabet like “A”, “O” and “H” are built or based on principles of simple geometric forms like triangles, circles and squares.

In contrast to the Futura font which possesses similar styling, the Intro free font preserves the characteristic sharpened edges of the “А”, “V” and “W” letters even in its bold form.

You can download Intro free font here.

ESA Vega Launch Video, Space Is The Final Frontier

This time-lapse video shows the full assembly of the first Vega launcher at the launch pad, in preparation for its qualification flight. It starts with the transfer and installation of the P80 first stage from the Vega Booster Storage and Preparation Building to the launch pad, followed by the two solid-propellant second and third stages, the Zefiro-23 and Zefiro-9.

Next step was to add the AVUM — Attitude & Vernier Upper Module — liquid-propellant fourth stage to the vehicle. The ‘upper composite’ — the fairing and payload — was moved to the pad on 24 January and integrated over night.

Thanks to ESA (European Space Agency) Vega will be handling the launch of satellites up to 2500kg in space.

DevinSuperTramp World’s Largest Rope Swing

DevinSuperTramp does crazy and risky stuff once again. This time it’s the World’s largest rope swing filmed in Moab Utah. They used a Canon 5D Mark II, a Canon 7D, a Canon 60D, an iPhone 4S, a GoPro HD and an Epic Red One camera. Watch the video in full screen and you’ll get it. What DevinSuperTramp does is pretty bad as*. DevinSuperTramp World’s Largest Rope Swing FTW – do not try this at home or whatever.

4 Hour Body Diet Explained, The Slow Carb Diet Infographic

4 Hour Body Diet Explained, The Slow Carb Diet Infographic

The 4 hour body diet as explained in the book by Tim Ferriss mainly consists of two ideas: slow carb diet and food combination. If you want to lose weight following the 4 hour body diet you don’t really need to eat apples and drink orange juice all day; that might actually help you gain weight (see Glycemic index).

As explained in the infographic above, avoiding carbs, processed food and combining appropriate food carefully you can lose weight or avoid gaining extra weight while enjoying your full fat rib eye stake. It’s mainly the carbs that make you fat and that extra kick of sugar you had after dinner. Continue reading…