Ego Came App for iPhone with Ego Beats

Have you heard of Ego Cam App? Faceflix

A brand new Artificial Intelligence app for superior cinematic stabilization video on iPhone. It’s magical.

Friends call Ego Cam a “free gimbal for iPhone” for good reason. Selfie videos are always reliable and stable. Everything happens in real-time. Steady, smooth videos with your face centered. Solid results. Now known as Faceflix.  Continue reading…

Satya Nadella, Microsoft’s New CEO is Shy and Humble

Satya Nadella Microsoft new CEO is shy and humble

Satya Nadella, Microsoft’s new CEO

Satya Nadella is Microsoft’s new CEO replacing Steve Ballmer effective immediately. Microsoft released a video introducing the new CEO in a very casual manner. Judging from Satya Nadella’s body language he’s a shy, humble guy, a bit stressed in front of the camera and his new role. Continue reading…

Marissa Mayer Gets Nervous Describing Yahoo! Strategy At Davos Interview

Marissa Mayer interview at Davos is a very interesting one. The CEO of Yahoo! talked about the future of technology, the paradigm shift to mobile and how Yahoo! is going to make money. During the half hour interview, Mayer appears confident, eager to answer any question. She’s passionate about technology and Yahoo!. She definitely knows what it is going on in Yahoo!. Her body language reflects that. Continue reading…

Processed Foods and Groceries, Eat Healthy and Spend Wisely

usa breakdown money spent groceries Processed Foods

Processed Foods is the new cancer, seriously. The amount of ready to eat, stay in shelf for months but still looking great kind of food is insane. Bu processed foods make sense. They taste great and they are always available to eat. They can be bought in great quantities and preserved for long time. They vary from a snack to a full meal and something in between and they can also be labeled deli.

NPR has this great story about What America Spends On Groceries 1982 – 2012. Back in 1982 Americans spent 11.6% of their groceries money on processed foods and sweets. Fast forward 20 years and Americans spend 22.9% of their groceries money on processed foods and sweets. This is insane. Continue reading…

MySQL Deprecated Variables, No Warnings On Startup

MySQL Deprecated Variables, No Warnings On Startup

The MySQL Deprecated Variables issue is pretty straight forward. MySQL doesn’t generally warn you if you use old variable settings rather than the new ones. Also there is no comment suggesting that perhaps these old variables in my.cnf file will be removed at some later stage. A bug report is already filled. Until MySQL 5.5.21 my.cnf uses both old, deprecated and new variables without a warning on startup.


MySQL Deprecated variables -> new variables

thread_cache -> thread_cache_size
key_buffer -> key_buffer_size
table_cache -> table_open_cache
log-slow-queries -> slow_query_log

2 Reasons Why Google Tablet Store is the Nexus One All Over Again

toshiba at200 android tablet

PC Magazine claims

A new store isn’t going to solve the major problem with Android tablets, which is that they lack compelling tablet-focused apps from major, popular brands. But it’s a good move, and it’s very different from Google’s first attempt at selling hardware online, the doomed Nexus One store. The reason: this time, wireless carriers aren’t involved.

While this is true and carriers aren’t involved this time, Google has a bad record when it comes to selling hardware:

1. Nexus One – doomed
2. Chromebook – doomed
3. Google tablet – ?

PC Magazine assumes that telcos will give up subsidizing and selling 3G and 4G tablets and surrender to Google’s try to promote the WiFi Google tablet only. With a fail record like that, chances are Google will fail again because Google is still the old Google. This is not a bad thing though. It just means that Google has no retail experience and it still is an engineer driven company.

Even if Google “subsidize these tablets itself” it won’t make much of a difference for the “lack compelling tablet-focused apps” and lack of successful marketing and successful sales of Google hardware using Google online stores.

Google has to make it with its Google tablet store but chances are it won’t, not this time, not this way.

Whitney Houston meets Michael Jackson in heaven

In memory of Whitney Houston and all the great artists who left us too soon. Whitney Houston meets Michael Jackson in heaven along with John Lennon, Jim Morisson, Freddie Mercury, Elvis, Jimi Hendrix, Amy Winehouse and Kurt Cobain.