Sundar Pichai as Microsoft CEO: Google’s sad true or Redmond’s huge mistake?

sundar pichai as microsoft ceo rumors

Sundar Pichai

There’s this one thing bugging me about the whole Sundar Pichai rumor as the new Microsoft CEO. The guy is responsible for the present and the future of Android, Chrome and apps aka the future of Google as a company. Still the rumor mill has it that he’d be leaving behind the opportunity to change the world using Android and Chrome and willing to join Microsoft as its CEO in order to change the world using competitive, closed source, evil technology.

Sundar Pichai: Google’s harmony of mathematical precision or Microsoft’s escalating probability of disaster?

If this turns out to be true it will certainly mean two things: 1) Google is full of silos and politics preventing big shot executives like Pichai play their game 2) Microsoft will be risking too much hiring someone who wasn’t able to fight and voice his opinion publicly against the silos and politics.

There is always the chance that i might be wrong and the Sundar Pichai as Microsoft CEO rumors/leaks are just vaporware.

Google Project Glass Will Fail And You Already Know Why

top gun maverick

Google Project Glass will fail and the reason is you. That’s it. One simple reason, you!

At least in its current form, Project Glass is nothing more than an art experiment loaded with high tech and support from Google’s co-founder Sergey Brin.

UPDATE: It just happened. Google is killing Google Glass as we know it. Next step? My guess is that Google will take pieces of the technology and the Glass platform and apply it to other areas. Nest possibly. In enterprise and its own datacenters. Think Google Glass as Google Wave.

Don’t get me wrong. Project Glass is an amazing idea but the execution sucks. As an art projects Project Glass can do wonders. It’s great for video capturing and futuristic view of the days ahead, big data and everyone’s digital eg0 living on the web. Sure, that’s a great idea. Continue reading…