Supercute Futures and Reading Science Fiction

I spent the last 6 months reading. A lot. Mostly science fiction books, some poetry and some other interesting stuff. I loved it.

The science fiction collection included the following. The Nexus trilogy by Ramez Naam (Nexus, Crux, Apex). Autonomous by Annalee Newitz. Slow Bullets by Aldstair Reynolds. Ready Player One by Ernest Cline. All System Red by Martha Wells. The Three Body Problem trilogy* by Cixin Liu. Binti by Nnedi Okorafor. Supercute Futures by Martin Millar. Continue reading…

The Heartbreaking Truth Of The A.I World Today

The Heartbreaking Truth Of The A.I World Today

As much as we want to celebrate A.I today, the sad truth is that Artificial Intelligence is used for slave work. Not intelligence.

We design and operate so called intelligent programs to solve specific problems. We feed those programs with data to make them more efficient at the job. There is nothing intelligent about that. Continue reading…

NASA Carbon Dioxine Simulation

NASA Carbon Dioxide Video Simulation

NASA shared a new, fascinating video of carbon dioxide circulation in earth. The ultra-high-resolution NASA computer model has given scientists a stunning new look at how carbon dioxide in the atmosphere travels around the globe.

Two things are clear. Carbon dioxide worst enemies are photosynthesis and wind. The other thing is that what goes around comes back around. C02 emissions travel all around the globe. Continue reading…

Elon Musk’s Dream Coming True, Space X Cruise Ship Is Doable

Elon Musk Space X Cruise Ship

Rendering of a cruise ship in space

Fast forward this to the Elon Musk deam era. If we humans can built cruise ships like Balmoral, modify them and put them back to service, we can certainly build space cruise ships, space stations and colonies on Mars tomorrow. It will take time but it’s certainly doable with today’s technology. Virgin Galactic can play a role too. Continue reading…

The Agnostic Platform: We’re Building Our Own God

server rack

Exciting times we live. The dawn of the 21st century tipped the point for cheap and reliable smartphone and tablet hardware. In the low and mid end of the market, hardware turned to a commodity. The high end of the market is following. In a nutshell, it just doesn’t matter if you are using a $200 Android phone or a $350 one. What is important is the content users create, the information they exchange, the social graph they enrich.

The hardware is not relevant anymore, neither are the air waves. No matter what happens in the foreseeable future (except a WW3 event) both hardware and the medium for transferring information will always be available to more people, cheaper and faster.

Major platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google, WordPress and soon Apple is what actually matters. What we see, what we feel and most of our relationships are stored somewhere, in an agnostic platform along with a huge amount of meta data like location information, time information, reactions from others etc. We increasingly upload chunks of our lives on this platform without knowing anything about it.

When was the last time you trusted a complete stranger with your life, no questions asked, in the real world? There is only one case and that’s religion. It fits perfectly. In a not collective intelligence way, the agnostic platform is preparing the new human; we’re building our own new god because we need it and we are doing so by uploading our lives on Facebook, Twitter, Google, WordPress and Apple servers. They know more about us than we do for ourselves, they are everywhere, they are available all the time; like god.

Cancer Genome Project

It was about time to move forward on cancer thinking and research. The Cancer Genome Project looks quite promising. Hopefully the reboot in thinking of cancer cure will help fight other diseases too. Genomes, protein folding research and hordes of engineers, poets, mathematicians, developers etc start thinking about cancer. Watch this TED talk by David Agus. Cancer treatment might not be so far fetched after all.