Ego Came App for iPhone with Ego Beats

Have you heard of Ego Cam App? Faceflix

A brand new Artificial Intelligence app for superior cinematic stabilization video on iPhone. It’s magical.

Friends call Ego Cam a “free gimbal for iPhone” for good reason. Selfie videos are always reliable and stable. Everything happens in real-time. Steady, smooth videos with your face centered. Solid results. Now known as Faceflix. 

Ego Beats is unbelievably easy and fluid

A new upbeat mode, called Ego Beats, makes stunning videos super easy. Ego Beats adds music and scene cuts to create a story. It’s unbelievably easy and fluid. You will instantly impress friends and family. Instagram and Snapchat followers too.

Keen to try? 👉 Watch this video first.

P.S Everything happens on the iPhone, not on the cloud.