Apple WWDC 2019, The Crazy Ones and The Misfits

Apple announced WWDC 2019 is taking place in San Jose, CA on June 3–7. This is not an invitation, the invitation says. This is a challenge. Write code. Blow minds.

Apple is setting the tone for the event. The hype is real. iOS 13 seems to be a huge new release, followed by new versions of macOS, watchOS, tvOS, Siri and possibly more.

This is not an invitation. It’s a challenge. This is your chance to join thousands of coders, creators, and crazy ones this summer to do the insanely great

Apple WWDC 2019

I believe Apple’s wording is interesting. To be honest, I find Apple’s wording to be exciting. They reference the iconic ad, narrated by Steve Jobs, Here’s to the crazy one. The ad aired in 1997 as part of the Think Different campaign.

Write Code and Blow Minds with iOS 13

Apple is the company that did a filesystem update on more than a billion devices and no one noticed. It’s the same company that did a system’s kernel scheduler change that boosted performance on the same silicon and only a few bothered with the details.

This time around Apple is calling developers to blow minds with code. Silently suggesting that iOS 13 and all other Apple OSes will ship with mind blowing APIs. So developers can try and build all sorts of crazy useful apps. Solve difficult problems faster and better. This is a huge deal. I hope these new updates will be relevant with my idea for better third party iOS apps than their equivalent Android apps.

The preview of iOS 13 will definitely shed more light on project Marzipan and possibly on a new (AI) Siri powered home screen for iPhone. iOS 13 codename “Yukon” will also focus on a home screen redesign for iPad according to Mark Gurman.

The crazy ones are touting their own horn. The misfits are into something. Let’s wait and see what iOS 13 brings to the world. Apple is unleashing the round pegs in the square holes.